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It is hard to find someone in Durham who doesn't know Lashes By Design. Two of the Top Three Lash Artists were selected in 2020, use our products exclusively. We have been providing top quality Lash Supplies since 2013 and continue finding the best products to make lash artists the best that they can be. LBD Academy has been training some of the most well known and successful lash artists. LBD Boutique has a beautiful showcase of all the products we sell, in case you are looking for even more inspiration.


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Love it!!! My lashes are WAY longer. This stuff is liquid Magic!

Lash Bloom Serum
Lindsay H.
Verified Buyer

Mega Hold was mentioned to me by a customer who also does lashes. She spoke highly of the RETENTION and the ability to use in ANY humidity levels. So far it has been really easy to wrok with and changing the dot every 15 minutes is key.

Rose S.
Verified Buyer

This is the cutest little shop ever. She has all the lash supplies you need and the prices are amazing.. The staff and owner are soo nice and helpful.. and love the the colour theme follows from the outside in.. If you are ever in whitby check it out!

Lise L.
Verified Buyer

The best lift product!This kit is perfect! The product works the best I've ever tried. The pump style is my favourite for not wasting any product and keeping it good for so long. The lash glue is my favourite kind. You'll need to buy extra mascara wands and such but the sample size ones are great. Love these shields too. They are so soft and flexible they mold to the eye extremely well! Definitely my go to products now. They achieve the BEST curl and appointment times are less than an hour now including a 5 minute tint. Bravo!

Kara S.
Verified Buyer

I'm very impressed! I've tried a number of brands for the .03 lashes (not sure if I’m allowed to leave names so I just won’t) and I have to say there’s are the smoothest I’ve used so far. I can prep, brush and perfect other lashes as much as I can to make sure they’re ready for fanning and they still don’t beat how great these lashes are. Combined with the mega hold glue and it’s an amazing combination. So happy I can support Ontario/Canadian own and be proud of the product. Thank you for making it easy to come back to you with that free shipping over $150. It really helps

Katelyn C.
Verified Buyer

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