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Adhesive - UV Light Adhesive
Adhesive - UV Light Adhesive
Adhesive - UV Light Adhesive
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UV lashes are a revolutionary technique for applying eyelash extensions. They utilize UV light to cure the adhesive, resulting in firmer and longer-lasting lash extensions. Here’s how it works:

Curing with UV Light:

    • The adhesive used for UV lashes is not a traditional adhesive. It has less cyanacrolate than regular adhesive and will not dry out during the application of lash extensions.  It has a photosensitive agent that cures it after 2 seconds of exposure to the light. Apply the lash with adhesive, then simply tap the foot pedal for 2 seconds.
    • This polymer will not cure until it’s exposed to UV light.
    • The UV light wavelengths cause a photochemical reaction, changing the polymer’s chemical properties.
    • As a result, the polymers cure instantly, making it easier to lash the next lash.

Safety Tips:

  • DO NOT USE on any clients that have allergies to the sun
  • Total exposure time for a full set is 5 minutes, with a very low strength light.
  • The light is significantly less than Nail Lamps and all areas of the skin are covered with protective material
  • There’s no evidence that UV lash glue is harmful but follow standard precautions
  • ALWAYS use black out foam tape to protect the skin on the eyelid
  • Use Cream or Gel removers for lash removal.
  • Ensure the glue only goes where intended before turning on the UV lamp.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the lamp and wear UV safety glasses.

- Easily removable using a standard remover
- Outgrown lashes can be removed as usual with tweezers
- Up to 8 out of 10 previous allergy sufferers no longer experience reactions