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My client's eyes are red under the pupil only.  What caused this?

Usually that would indicate a mild chemical burn.  It will resolve usually within 48 hours.  The way it is caused is by the client’s eye being open at the bottom.  This can happen from one of the following reasons:

  • The client opened eye frequently by talking
  • Lash artist applies too much pressure on the lower skin (with isolating tweezers) and it opens their eyelid slightly
  • The client has big eyes that don’t close all the way
  • The adhesive was not shaken well enough or is too old

It could be a combination of the above. We recommend using a fresh adhesive, use 2 gel pads under her eyes next time or use the Foam Tape which is thicker (https://www.lashesbydesign.ca/products/undereye-foam-tape?_pos=1&_sid=abca03ffe&_ss=r).  This should close her eyes completely and protect her in the future.

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