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Primer with Glue Aid best-eyelash-primer Default Title
Primer with Glue Aid best-eyelash-primer Default Title
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Boost your retention with our Professional Lash Primer. Primer is now formulated with a unique bonding polymer that will improve adhesive bonding power and improves bonding speed.

Make sure lashes are ultra prepared before applying extensions. This primer is the exact right product for the job! Removes excess dirt and makeup and leaves you with the optimal surface to which you can then adhere gorgeous new lash extensions.


Does Primer make lashes brittle?

Nope:  Using primer once every 2-3 weeks will not be enough to have any long-lasting effect on the natural lash. Primer removes all oil and makeup residue from the natural lashes while creating the optimal pH for working with lash extension adhesive.

Do you need to use Primer on Everyone?

Sometimes I even skip primer when I have thoroughly cleansed the lashes with lash shampoo. I notice better results with primers, but sometimes I forget!

Is Retention any better with Primer?

Yes: We surveyed professional lashers and found those lash artists that used primer had consistently better retention on their clients. However, technique and fresh adhesive were noted as equally important for good retention. Some noted that they usually go back to primer.


  • Clean lashes thoroughly with lash shampoo.
  • Apply 2 drops of primer to a lint-free applicator and clean the base of the lashes
  • Repeat for the other eye.

Ingredients: Aqua, ethyl alcohol, PVP, Sodium Polyacrylate

Do not store with adhesive as it will cause the adhesive to dry out