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Adhesive - Ultra Hold for Advanced Lashers
Adhesive - Ultra Hold for Advanced Lashers
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Elevate Your Lash Artistry with Our Premium Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Calling all lash artists specializing in eyelash extensions—you're about to discover the adhesive that will transform your craft. Designed with your expertise in mind, our professional-grade eyelash extension adhesive surpasses industry standards to enhance your work and captivate your clients.

Why Choose Our Adhesive for Lash Artists:

  • Effortless Application: Bid farewell to wicking woes. Our adhesive ensures a smooth, frustration-free application process.
  • Client Safety and Comfort: Prioritize your clients' well-being with our formaldehyde-free and latex-free formula, delivering a secure and comfortable experience with no fumes.
  • Breathable Atmosphere: Work in tranquillity with our low-fume adhesive, minimizing discomfort during your lash artistry.
  • Unmatched Lash Retention: Achieve 8-9 weeks of lash longevity, guaranteeing your clients' satisfaction.
  • Endorsed by Fellow Lash Artists: Trust in a product endorsed by our own experienced lash artists, recognizing the quality it brings to your craft.
  • Intense Black Finish: Craft a captivating, deep black lash line that accentuates your clients' natural beauty.
  • Seamless Application: Turn your creative vision into reality with a smooth and flawless application process.

Customized Conditions for Your Expertise:

  • Optimal Environment: Our adhesive thrives in 25%-80% humidity and within the temperature range of 19-25 degrees Celsius, ensuring ideal working conditions.
  • Extended Freshness: After opening, expect approximately 1 month of peak freshness, though climate and proper handling can affect this duration.

Versatility to Empower Your Artistry:

  • Swift Drying Time: Our adhesive dries in .05 seconds, amplifying your efficiency and artistic output.
  • Compatible with All Techniques: Whether you specialize in Volume or 1 on 1 Eyelash Extensions, our adhesive adapts to your craft for remarkable results.

Pro Tips to Elevate Your Work:

  • Smart Storage: Keep it in the fridge (not the freezer) before opening to minimize fumes and maximize efficiency.
  • Humidity Control: Post-opening, store it in a sealed container with rice to manage excess humidity.
  • Protect Excellence: Safeguard your adhesive from extreme heat and direct sunlight to maintain its peak performance.
  • Fridge-No-Go: Once opened, avoid returning the adhesive to the fridge.
  • Cleanliness Matters: Maintain nozzle cleanliness with lint-free applicators or paper towels to ensure precision in your applications.
  • Strategic Replacement: Renew every 30 days or at the first hint of texture changes, delivering consistently outstanding results to your clients.
  • Client-Centered Care: Keep in mind that lash retention may be influenced by client habits. Recommend lash shampoo for optimal outcomes.

Please be aware that adhesive products are non-refundable, emphasizing the importance of adhering to these guidelines to maximize your experience with our premium adhesive. Elevate your lash artistry with our trusted, top-quality product—because your clients deserve nothing but the best, and so do you!