Earn 20% more Revenue From Retail

Did you know that most salons earn 20% of their existing revenue from retail alone?  

Did you know that every time a client purchases a product, there is a 30% chance they will return to that location to buy it again?

Lastly... did you know clients want retail?  They love their service and they want to make it last.

I know many lash and brow artists don't want to sound like a "salesperson".  They feel conflicted between being the client's friend and feeling like there might be an awkward "no" at the checkout.  

The reality is that if you are not providing them the products at the end of their service that will maximize their outcome, you are not fully servicing them.

Shift your mindset from "Selling Retail" to educating clients about solutions for their problems

Here are some products and tips you can use to start selling today:

Growth Serum:

All clients will benefit from using growth serum.  It makes lashes thicker and longer and thus giving more surface area for the adhesive to bond to.  Therefore, all clients will have better retention and increased "fullness".  For lash lift clients, this is almost a given that they want longer lashes naturally.  For lash extension clients, most people want lashes to last longer and look fuller.  Start by using the product yourself.  Wait about a month and then look at your lashes.  Once you LOVE the product and see how well it works, then you will be able to sell to your clients.  Start talking to them about it at the BEGINNING of the appointment.  Show them what their lashes look like now (pictures are great).  Tell them what will change.  At checkout, ask them for the business, "Would you like to pick up a growth serum today?".  They will be happy with the recommendation.  

Shampoo and Brushes

Have you ever asked a client "How do you currently wash your lashes?"  That is the best opener.  Most clients will say they don't want to get them wet, or they use makeup remover or some combination of those.  Tell them about the benefits of cleaning lashes and reducing bacteria and dirt... nobody wants to get blepharitis...

My other tip is to use the products on them that you want to encourage them to use.  Start every appointment with a good scrub with the Shampoo Brush.  Scrub the eyelid, under the eye, and the lashes.  Then rinse completely and let dry.

At the end of the appointment, show them the product, how to use it, and ask them for the business, "Would you like to take this home with you today?"

Counter Display

Counter displays work.  Trust me!  We put all kinds of goodies on the counter for clients to see, along with the prices, and they will help themselves.  You can casually point out that you have a new product, but customers will naturally want to touch them and ask you about them.

Here are some things for your counter:

Crystal Mascara wands that have a lid so they don't get dirty (Suggested Retail Price $10)

Shampoo (Suggested Retail Price $34)

Shampoo Brush (Suggested Retail Price $5)

Growth Serum (Suggested Retail Price $70)





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