Do you Nanomist your client's lashes?

What is a Nano Mister?

How would you like to cure that adhesive quicker?  A nanomister is the solution.  They are a small, hand-held unit that sprays a very fine mist of water.  We use it at the end of the service to lightly mist a client's lashes.  This will cure the adhesive and allow your customers to get their lashes wet sooner.

How Do Nanomisters work?

Ever since nanomister appeared on lash artists radars, they have become a staple in our tool kit.  We have always been told to keep lashes dry, so how does getting them wet work?!

Cyanoacrylate, the main ingredient in all lash glues, must polymerize to effectively be cured/dried. Previously, the adhesive would absorb natural occurring humidity from the air or moisture from the eyes.  Some clients will experience dry eyes after an appointment because the adhesive is literally drying them out until it is fully polymerized. 

Once the adhesive has gone from liquid and fully transformed into a solid, it has completed.  Hydrogen is the molecule that it needs to complete this process.  By using a SMALL nano-sized molecule, the nanomister is providing the Hydrogen (from water) to harden the adhesive.

Once the adhesive is hardened, it won't give off any fumes, and the curing is done.

I would still tell your client to keep their lashes dry for the next 4-6 hours, but that is MUCH better than before. 

Sensitive Eyes Rejoice

You can use a nanomister mid service for clients who are very sensitive to fumes ... or clients who talk a lot and open their eyes!  This will cure the adhesive as you work, and reduce the exposure to adhesive fumes.

Too Much Water

Be careful not to use too much water.  30 seconds is enough.  If you overdo it or go too close to their eyes, you risk the adhesive curing too fast on the outside, and not on the inside.  If this happens, lashes will slide off.  You might even get white spots on the adhesive (blanching).

Best Way to use a Nano Mister

We recommend using distilled water, although I have heard some folks use saline water.  You can use tap water, but it will make your nanomister wear down faster.

Keep the Nanomister about 12-16 inches away from your clients eyes.  You can do one eye at a time.   30 seconds is plenty.

Hope you enjoyed reading our tips!

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