Henna is here!

Gone are the days of tiny little brows. Now a days people are going for a much bolder prominent brow. Well we have a secret for you.... want to know how to achieve those bold brows and have them last longer than your regular tint would without having to micro-blade? HENNA!

Now you're probably wondering what exactly is Henna

Henna is actually a plant believe it or not. The usage of Henna has been quite ancient beginning from the countries South Asia, Arabian Peninsula, several parts of South East Asia, Carthage, North Africa as well as Horn of Africa.  It is a great option when looking for hair coloring methods as it does not contain any traces of lead or ammonia. If you're an avid brow tint user then you would know by now that tint sadly is more of a quick fix rather than a long lasting brow coloring solution. The great thing about Henna is that it can last up to 6-7 weeks on your brow hair, but leaves a nice tint to your skin as well for 2-3 weeks!

Now that you have a better idea as to what it is.. how do you use it

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