Retail and Aftercare

A big part of building your business is also providing proper aftercare and retail products.  Salons report that as much as 20% of their revenue comes from selling products to their customers.  Customers will also be able to take care of their lashes better if they have the right products and instructions.

Lash Serum: We STRONGLY recommend that you purchase Lash Bloom to conditioner and enhance your own lashes.  Salon owners who know how the products work will be in the best position to sell the serum to their clients.  Every client will benefit from using this product daily, with or without lash extensions.  Lashes will appear more full and thick, and it will help your clients get their desired look much easier than extensions alone.

Lash Shampoo: Clients should wash their lashes after 24 hours of application with an oil-free lash cleanser.  Lash Shampoo is specially designed to be gentle on the face and lashes and will lift the oil and dirt that would otherwise accumulate in the lash extensions.  Clients can use a lash shampoo brush, or their fingers, to gently massage it into the base of their lashes.  Rinse with water.  Our formula is tear-free.  If any stinging occurs, it is likely from the dirt that was in their eyes, so encourage them to wash more often.

Sleep Mask: Clients should be encouraged to sleep on their backs to preserve their lash extensions, but an eyelash extension sleep mask is a great alternative.  With the domed shape, your lashes will be protected with this sleep mask.

Brushing Lashes: Advise your clients to brush their lashes daily.  This will remove the lashes that are growing out, and prevent lashes from falling in their eyes.  Brushing the lashes will also keep them looking their best!



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