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How to Become a New Lash Artist

There are so many benefits to becoming a certified lash technician. You get to work in an industry that makes people feel amazing, you have the power to start your own business and work for yourself, and you will have skills that are in high demand right now! A good lash course will take less than 10 clients to make your money back, and an experienced full time lash artist could make 100k! Do what you love and love what you do.
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How to Get the Perfect Curl When Doing Lash Lifts

What is the biggest fear for a lash artist?  Lash Lifts not working!  We have all had our learning experiences with lash lifts that just don't seem to work.  There is always a reason! Check out the most commonly asked questions and feel free to ask us for more help if needed on our online live chat.
Using Easy Fan Volume Lashes

Using Easy Fan Volume Lashes

Easy Fans makes volume lashing a breeze, and you don't need any additional training to use them.  Increase revenue by adding volume sets to your services and speed up the time with Easy Fans.
Why Does Superbonder Work Better in a Nanomister

Why Does Superbonder Work Better in a Nanomister

Pretty much everything you need to know about how to use the latest innovation in lashing mixed with a professional nanomister.  Boost retention, increased customer satisfaction, and set yourself up for success in the lash industry.
How to apply lash tape

How to Speed Up Your Lash Extension Appointments

Top 4 tips to Speed Up your Lashing Appointments from the professional lash artists. We surveyed professional lashers and here are their favorite tips just for you.
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Lash Questions Answered

This series is ideal for anyone who needs a refresher on some topic or perhaps took an online course and didn't catch some of the finer points to lashing. 

At Lashes By Design Supply Shop, we hear ALL the real life struggles of lash artists, from beginners to trainers. We love helping other lashers grow and be succcessful.