Why Does Superbonder Work Better in a Nanomister

Nanomister creates a fine particles size which is optimal for superbonder

The results are in. Lashers LOVE the retention boost from using the SuperBonder. Within 3 minutes of dry time, the lash adhesive will be completely cured and can even get wet right away! Lash retention will instantly increase for most clients by one week. No kidding!

After launching SuperBonder, many clients started using it in nanomisters and found that they had even better results. Why? The nanomister breaks down the liquid into a microscopic mist. The mist will do the best job at reaching all around each lash to make sure all the adhesive is cured.

Super Bonder versus Water Vapor

Water vapor will also cure lashes, but it will “shock cure” instantly. This makes the bond less flexible than when cured with Super Bonder. Water vapor also tends to take a bit longer to work. Adhesive cured by water is 40% harder than when cured by SuperBonder.  Have you ever noticed that water cured lashes tend to snap?  That's why!

What kind of Nanomister Should I use?

Lashers used to use professional nebulizers, the same kind that Cystic Fibrosis patients would use to inhale their medicine. The finer the molecule size, the better! Unfortunately the nebulizers were messy and broke down after extended use, so lashers now use nanomisters.  When selecting a nanomister, choose one that has the finest mist for best results.

How do I apply Super Bonder with the Nanomister?

Empty the nanomister and fill it with just Superbonder.  After your application of lashes, slowly mist the client from eye to eye for about 20 to 30 seconds. Your clients will enjoy this step immensely as it smells so good! Advise clients not to touch their eyelashes until the next day but apart from that they are good to go!

Can I use Superbonder on sensitive clients?

Super bonder is ideal to use on any client that is prone to having redness as it will instantly cure the fumes of the adhesive even during the lash appointment. If your customer says their eyes are stinging during the application, you can offer them relief by misting their eyes for 10 seconds.

Blanching the Adhesive

Blanching is not a good thing! If you mist the lashes too closely, or with a poor quality nanomister, the adhesive might turn white! Avoid this by holding the nanomister about 15 cm away from the lashes.

Should I charge more for Superbonder Treatment?

Some lashers offer this as an add-on service while others include it in their service price. The value to the customer is quickly realized because they don’t have to come in as often to get their fills. It also makes sense that this is an extra cost to the lasher so feel free to pass the cost on to the client. 

Final Thoughts

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about how to use the latest innovation in lashing mixed with a professional nanomister.  Boost retention, increased customer satisfaction, and set yourself up for success in the lash industry.

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