Using Easy Fan Volume Lashes

Lash artists everywhere are loving easy fan volume lashes. They are amazing for cutting down the amount of time it takes to create handmade lash fans and great for new lash artists that are looking for an easy method to practice with.

New lash artists might take 2-3 hours to complete a full set of handmade lash fans. That time could be cut in half with easy fan volume lashes!

Here are a few other reasons to grab easy fan volume lashes for your lash shop:

No additional lash course needed

Typically, learning how to fan lashes takes a lot of time and money spent on lash courses. If you’re a new lash artist, you might not have room for such an investment in your budget. You can quickly learn how to give your clients beautiful lashes just by watching our easy fan volume set tutorials and practicing.

More customization options

Premade fan lashes make it difficult to create the custom looks your clients want. With Easy Fans, you can select exactly how many lashes to put in each fan, based on the style and health of the natural lash. Everyone is different, so everyone should have the option to receive a set of lashes that is as unique as they are! You can give every client exactly what they want by picking up easy fan volume lashes.

Complete more sets per day

Because easy fan volume lashes don’t take as much time and effort to apply to your clients’ lashes, you will have more time in your day to pick up an extra client or two. That means more money and more experience!

How to Use Easy Fan

There is no need to take a volume course to understand how to use Easy Fan lashes, but there is definitely a "best practice" technique that will help you have the widest and even fans.

Pickup a group of lashes with your tweezers by pulling straight forward (no side to side movement).  Then, place the group of lashes back onto the sticky strip the lashes are on.  Shimmy the base with your tweezers to open the fans as wide as you like.  Next, pull straight forward from the middle and dip in adhesive.  Here is a simple video to demonstrate this methodology.

Do Easy Fans Wrap the Natural Lash?

Advanced technicians will be able to achieve some wrapping, but for beginners, we recommend applying the easy fans like a classic lash. The retention is excellent, especially when finished with a mist of the Super Bonder.

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