How to Get the Perfect Curl When Doing Lash Lifts

lash lift

The number one fear lash artists have is their client's lashes didn't lift. This could result in a negative review, refund, and potentially lose the client. Don't worry! We've got all the tips you need to delivery the perfect curl every time, and troubleshooting techniques - just in case! 

Lash lifts are perfect for those clients who want lashes that look longer and fuller, but still completely natural. If you’re a new lash artist, you might have a few questions about how to get that perfect curl when doing lash lifts – and we’ve got the answers!

For starters, you’ll need to get a quality lash lift kit from a reputable lash shop. Check out our Express Lash Lift Kit that has everything you’ll need.

In addition, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper tools for the perfect last lift:

Silicon Lash Lift Rods: The first question we ask is what size pad you used. The default size should be SMALL but the size of your lash lift pad is going to be the most important factor in getting that perfect curl. No matter how long your client’s lashes are, they should cover about two-thirds of the silicon pad. If they cover too much, the lashes will curl too much and appear shorter than they actually are – the opposite of what you want! 

Undereye Pads. Under eye pads aren’t exactly going to help make your lash lift curl better, but they will make the process easier for you. Undereye pads help keep the bottle lashes out of the way so you can see your workspace more clearly.

Lash Lift Pick. You’ll want to make sure you have a metal lash lifting tool that was specifically made for performing lash lifts. It will enable you to lift the lashes straight upward onto the silicon lash lift pad. Don’t try to get “fancy” by sweeping or flaring the lashes out as this could cause the outer lashes to get twisted and irritate your client’s eye or skin.


Refresher Instructions:

Now that you know the tools you’ll need for the perfect lash lift, it’s time to learn the process. The following process will help you get lashes that are perfectly lifted for a beautiful, natural result.

  1. Start by applying the lash adhesive to a small section of the lashes at a time.
  2. Once all of the lashes have been adhered to the silicon rod, use your metal lash lift pick to separate and straighten the individual lashes. The adhesive will get tackier and easier to work with as it dries, but don’t let it dry too much or the lashes won’t stick.
  3. Apply the lash lift solution from the root to about halfway up the lash – never the tip of the lash. This is key for getting the perfect lash lift!
  4. Use a lint free applicator, or a dry cotton bud, to wipe away excess lash lift solution, moving in an upward motion. 
  5. Apply the neutralizer solution with a small brush only where you applied the lift solution. Do not apply the neutralizer to the tips of the lashes. Leave on for no longer than 8-minutes.
  6. Remove the silicon lash rods and lift the lashes with a cotton swab, gently flicking them as you go. This will help the lash lift hold its shape, so it doesn’t drop and make the lashes straight.
  7. Water is never ideal. The more water that is exposed to the lash, the less the lashes will stay curled. Some might even completely drop within 24 hours.


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