Stop Lashes from Popping off after Lash Extension Applicaition

Why are your customer's lashes popping off right after you do a full set? 

Quick Answer: the adhesive cured too fast in relation to placing the extension on the natural lash.

My favorite lash instructor told me that "there is always a reason". One of our favorite things to do is help customers identify the source of the problem. Here is our inside trouble shooting list!

Reason 1: Your lash adhesive is too fast for your lashing speed.  Try using a slower adhesive so that the adhesive does not dry out before the lash is attached to the natural lash.

Reason 2: Lashes are not clean enough to bond with adhesive. Any residue on the lash will interfere with the bonding of adhesive. If there is too much residue - lashes will initially bond but pop off within a week or less. Try cleansing the lashes with an oil free lash shampoo first, and rinse with water and a paper towel. 

Reason 3: Natural Lashes are too Oily. Some clients have more natural oil than others, so even just shampooing is not enough to cleanse the surface area. Primer or superbonder will help remove EVERYTHING so that you have squeaky clean lashes to work on.

Reason 4: Seasonal Humidity changes frustrate many lashers. Its not enough that we have to deal with the dreaded "fall shed", but if you are having retention issues when the seasons change, try switching the speed of your adhesive to one that is faster or slower. 

Reason 5: Adhesive Drop dries out. In high humidity conditions, make sure to refresh drop every 10-15 minutes. Many lashers find disposable adhesive holders, such as glue rings, keep the adhesive fresher for longer

Reason 6:  Check your placement of the lash extension. Always remember to apply the base of the lash first

Reason 7: Glue tapping. Never wipe off or tap off extra adhesive since it will remove the adhesive from the bottom of the lash extension and there will not be enough adhesive to bond properly. 

Reason 8: Stickies! Especially with PreMade Volume fans, be extra careful to check for lashes that might be stuck together at the end of your application. I always do one final check on every single lash before the client leaves. If the lashes are tangled and stuck together, they will come out the first time the client brushes. It also causes irritation, lash lost, and itchy eyes.