Key Tips for Social Media Marketing as a Lash Technician


Few things are worse than posting and not getting any response from the outside world. When social media feels like you’re talking to yourself, it’s probably time to revamp your social media marketing efforts.

Fixing your social media can feel like a huge, daunting task. When you think about it, though, it’s all common sense when you break it down into a few easy questions.

Who are you trying to attract?
Finding your target audience is key for knowing where to be and what to post as a lash tech.

So, who is it? There are a few simple ways to find out.

  1. Who’s your clientele. If you’ve serviced clients, how old are they? Where do they post? What are their interests and aesthetic preferences?
  2. Your current social media analytics! Whoever is already following you is there for a reason. 

Understanding who they are means you can figure out where to go.

Are you easy to find? Where to post?
Posting across multiple platforms is so important. It’s free. You can repurpose content over multiple platforms. If someone can’t find you on TikTok, it’s not guaranteed they will open another app to search for you unless they’re very intrigued by your lash services for a particular reason (niche, location, etc). By not being on multiple platforms, you could lose out on important clientele.

The platform mix I recommend for a Lash Tech is an Instagram business profile, a personal + business Facebook page, and a TikTok profile. Ensure you have the same (or, at the very least, a similar name) across platforms so you’re easily found.

Is it easy to book your services?

Something as simple as a free Google Form can guarantee that people will find it easy and quick to actually book your services. A website with a booking page would be even more ideal, but including a booking link as well as taking bookings via your DM’s ensures you don’t lose business from either avenue.

Is your content nice to look at? Is it informative? Is it interesting?

Ultimately, it comes down to “why?” Why would someone new follow you, as a lash tech, and how do you keep your content interesting so that those who already follow you want to stick around. Your work is one thing, how you stand out from the rest is up to you.