Brand Ambassador Exclusive: Social Media Guide for Lashers!


So, you’re a lasher! You’ve either just gotten your certification or you’re a seasoned and experienced lash technician. Regardless, social media is key to your business, as it’s a free way to reach your clientele in whatever area you work within!

Every day new lashers in your area are starting THEIR own lashing businesses and putting out content, too, so having a well-thought out social media strategy is key to standing out.

Having an unfinished, buried, or hard-to-navigate profile could be losing you business. This guide will show you how to optimize your profiles to make more money- or simply reach more people with your work.

Mistakes Lashers Make

The biggest mistake you can make (especially as a new lash tech) is not being willing to “fake it til’ you make it”. Or, more specifically, thinking that you don’t have the skills to make it as a lash tech online!

Even seasoned lash technicians I’ve spoken to have expressed insecurity in themselves or and their ability to come off as experienced and professional online. The only way to do it, is to start doing it. This is the #1 mistake because so often fear stops us from putting ourselves out there in the first place, and that is fatal for a small business. If you aren’t on social media as a lash tech yet, you need to be.

Another mistake lashers make on social media is not understanding how to make your posts get more reach to the right people. Reach is how many unique users see your post or profile, and getting that reach is a big way in sourcing new clients. We will cover this more in our Social Media Checklist.

Social Media Checklist

This checklist is a list you can go through to ensure you’re doing social media right and optimizing how you post so that you can start getting bookings consistently for your services! Some of these points may seem a little simple at first, but I can assure you there are things on this list you might be missing or might not have thought of.

  1. Create a lashing profile on Instagram and a page for your services on Facebook.
    If you’re not on these two social medias, you should be. Creating a separate page on Instagram and Facebook for your services is super important, it establishes you as a professional and makes it super clear you’re ready and open for business.

  2. Make sure people can find you.
    I recommend you include your first name at least in your @ on these pages. Why? Let’s say your name is Madison and you do lashes in your small town. Your current clients keep talking about their amazing lash tech Madison to their friends. Of course, if they want to find you, they’ll look for you using that name.

    Include where you work from in your bio as well. As a lash tech, geolocation is everything. It doesn’t make sense to advertise anywhere really outside of your location when trying to build clientele (unless you’re looking for virality- that’s different)!

    As a side note, make sure your profiles look similar across all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, etc) so people know that it’s you on both.

  3. Make it clear what you do and how to book!
    Lashes, lashes, lashes! Make sure that you being a lash tech is the major on these pages. That also means making booking easy and simple. New clients don’t want to have to jump through hoops to book with you.

    Simply put, if you book through DM’s, say that in your bio and posts! If clients can book through your site, put that site in your bio and make sure it’s easy to click and see.

  4. Curate your posts.

    Post your work! People want to see what the final product looks like.

    Post your studio! Potential clients want to know what they’re walking into!

    Post your expertise. Potential clients want to know that you know what you’re doing.

    Post about you! People want to know who you are and what you’re like to be around, not just as a lash technician.

    Post your availability and where people can book! Ask and you shall receive! If a client cancels, post that time slot up. You don’t know until you put yourself out there. You lose nothing from simply asking.

  5. Work on understanding the algorithm.
    Instagram and Facebook are both owned by the same company, but the platforms are so very different.
    We’ll break down the differences between each social media more specifically, however, things are constantly changing month to month and even day to day.
    To keep up with this, I suggest you frequently read up on what’s new for whatever social media platform you’re on. Regularly Google what’s new on Instagram and Facebook to know what kind of content works best.

Social Media Overview
Keep in mind: as stated before, the algorithm is always changing, but here's what works right now on each platform.

EXTERNAL LINKS. External links will absolutely destroy your posts' reach, as it drives traffic off of Facebook and onto another page.

TEXT IN IMAGES. Text in captions is okay, but putting text on any photos you post isn't a good idea.

POSTING ONLY IMAGES. Video content is everything now! Any video content
you make on Instagram as a Reel can be repurposed as a Facebook Reel!

The algorithm isn't a fan of this.
Instead, remind people that you're open for business and where to book!

Make sure you:
POST FREQUENTLY. Posting daily is a must with Facebook. That's why I recommend scheduling your content with sites like so that you don't need to manually post daily.

Post any video content as a reel on Facebook! Facebook now has reels as well!

Posting these will help you reach an even wider audience at no extra cost.

Post at the right time.

I recommend consistently Googling "when to post on Facebook" frequently to know exactly when to post every day of the week. This is constantly changing.

Hashtags are a must on every social media platform for reach, and Facebook is no exception!

HASHTAGS IN THE COMMENTS. Instagram recognizes this as spam!

USING TOO MANY HASHTAGS. Using any more than 15 hashtags will get your post suppressed!

Instagram is a purely visual platform, so uploading dark, low quality images won't get you anywhere.

Short and fast- with how much content is out there and how short attention spans are, the simpler your content is to digest, the better.

Make sure you:
POST FREQUENTLY. Posting daily is a must with Instagram. Again, we recommend scheduling your content with sites like so that you don't need to manually post daily.

Post at the right time.
I recommend consistently Googling "when to post on Instagram" frequently to know exactly when to post every day of the week. This is constantly changing.

Post any video content as a reel on Instagram.
Reels are a MUST, they get WAY more reach than photos.

Post Reels of the right length.
As of writing, 7-9 seconds long is the goal with reels.

Right now, 11 is a healthy number of hashtags.
Also, make sure your #s do what you want them to. I suggest focusing on your local area. For example, if I lash in Whitby, tag #whitbylashes, #whitby, etc.

Captions in your reels, at the time of writing this, boosts your reach!

LONG CONTENT. TikTok's audience is really young, so if you use TikTok, keep this in mind when it comes to the length and complexity of your content.

Always use trending sounds and, if possible, voice overs to boost your video in the algorithm!

Make sure you:
BE FUN. TikTok is a more casual app because of it's young user base. More informal videos work on TikTok!

Use Hashtags!

Just as with Facebook and Instagram, posts with hashtags reach way more people.

Brand Ambassador Tips
Getting the most out of being a Brand Ambassador is up to you! Here's some tips to maximize your earnings as a Brand Ambassador.
Put your BA referral code in your bio along with "@shoplashesbydesign Brand Ambassador!"
Tag us in 3 stories and 1 post every week, and plug the BA link in your bio.
When you use our products, tag us!

Having a clear idea of what to post becomes easier when you understand each social media and how they differ.
Also, your emphasis should always be your lash artistry and you, yourself, as a lash artist and content creator!