Lash Adhesive Troubleshooting

As an experienced lash artist, you know that proper preparation is key to creating beautiful sets of lashes. From cleansing the natural lashes to priming and adhering them with the right adhesive, there are many steps involved in lash application. Let’s dive into what you need to know before applying lashes.

Choose the right adhesive for your speed
At lashes by design, we have a full suite of adhesives tailored to all levels of lashing experience.
Extra Hold Adhesive – 2 seconds – Beginner level
Mega Hold Adhesive – 1 second – Medium to Expert
Ultra Hold Adhesive - .05 seconds – Expert only
If you are in a warmer climate, choose a slower adhesive. If lashes are popping off during and within 48 hours after the application, the speed was too fast. After 48 hours, it is up to the client to ensure that they take care of their lashes.

Properly Cleanse Natural Lashes
The first step in preparing for lash application is properly cleaning the natural lashes. This means removing any waterproof mascara, natural oils, and makeup with micellar water and lash shampoo. Then use primer on the lashes. This allows the adhesive to bond better with your client’s natural lashes and helps enhance retention time.

Room Temperature
Lashes By Design adhesives work best when the room temperature is above 21C in order for it to achieve the best viscosity for application. If the room temperature falls below this number, it can cause problems with your adhesive such as it being too thin or not bonding properly with the natural lash.

Provide Aftercare For Customers
It’s important to provide your clients with aftercare instructions so their sets of lashes last longer than expected. Make sure they know how often they should cleanse their eyelashes and how often they should come back for touch ups or infills if needed.

Storage of Adhesive
Store unopened adhesive in the fridge but NEVER freeze adhesive. Once opened, store in a cool dark space. Never expose your adhesive to direct sunlight or heat.

Lash Placement & XL Lashes may shed prematurely if they are not bonded properly to the base of the natural lash. Longer lash extensions may shed prematurely. Lashes that are stuck together may cause clients irritations and cause them to pick at their lashes

Shedding Patterns
If a customer has even shedding pattern, then its most likely technician error. If the client has patches missing, its most likely the client who is picking/pulling/rubbing their lashes.

Keep in mind that shedding patterns depending on season because these will differ from Summer through Fall/ Winter months due to changes in temperature and humidity levels inside and outside.