How to Speed Up Your Lash Extension Appointments

If you’re just getting started in your lash professional career, you might have noticed your appointments take longer than you’d like. Don’t worry! Speed comes with practice. Trust us!  Our Training goal is to have our new lashers do 80 lashes per eye in 2 hours, for a classic set.  Test your own speed setting a 2 hours timer and then count how many lash extensions you were able to do, without sacrificing quality of the application.

Want to go faster?

That being said, you might want to know a few tips to get your appointments in and out faster so you can squeeze another client into your day, take a longer lunch break, or get home a little bit earlier at the end of the day! Plus, your clients will appreciate getting back to living their best lash life as quickly as possible!

Here are 4 tips for more efficient lash appointments:

 1. Use Lash Tape:

Lash tape is excellent for using as a tool to isolate lashes. This is done by dividing up the layers in your clients’ lashes. Start by taping up the top layer and applying lashes to the bottom, then you're on your way up. Choose a tape that is not too sticky or it will take off the lashes. There are multiple taping techniques but this will speed you up the fastest!


2. Set up Your Station Early:

If you have your lash station set up before a client arrives, you will be able to lash as soon as they sit down. Make sure you have everything you need:
    • Pre-cut tape
    • Gel pads
    • Lash fans ready to go if needed
    • Lashing tile/palette 
    • Tweezers
    • Adhesive 

 3. Have Extra Tweezers Ready

When preparing your lash station, ensure there are a couple of extra pairs of disinfected tweezers. If lash adhesive gets on the tweezers you’re using, you’ll have to stop and remove the adhesive. It’s much more efficient to just grab a new pair. Over time, you will find the need to wipe adhesive off your tweezers will not become necessary.

4. Educate Your Client

Your clients should be doing their own prep work before they arrive to their appointment:

    • Arrive on-time
    • Make sure lashes are clean (no makeup!)
    • Use the bathroom before appointment starts
    • Avoid caffeine the day of the appointment
    • Keep phones on silent


Want More Lash Industry Advice?

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