Your perfect lash lighting

A product you can't live without to be a master lasher.... great lighting! Many aspects of the beauty industry rely heavily on their lighting situation to help them become successful with their craft. Lashing is no different! If you lash then you already know the toll lashing can take on your eyes if you are not properly prepared. Great lighting set up can be a game-changer for your eyes, and really help you become the best lash artist you can be. 
Lighting plays a big part in two aspects of an appointment. 
1. Application • it's no secret that lashes are small (even if they are 15mm long) so unless you are okay squinting through a 2 hour appointment to be able to see each single lash you're going to want a light that is bright enough for you to see up close on your client. Especially for lighter colored lashes. Our best suggestion is to go for lighting that is similar to natural lighting (ie white light) 
2. Photos • We always always recommend taking before and after photos of your work. Social media plays a big part these days in getting customers and how they are able to find you. Having quality photos is a game changer. Your social media pages and clients are your digital and walking business cards. The first everyone seems to do nowadays when looking for their new "go-to" beauty person is to search them online to see their work. Having photos that are taken in great lighting will make all of the difference for your business. It is also a great way to show your clients what their lashes looked like before their set and afterwards. This lets them see their new lashes from all different angles. Adjust-ability of your lighting is also a great way to take professional-looking photos. 
We are super happy to announce our new lighting set up we are offering. Ring lights are now available for purchase! Shop here
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