Shake it off

We are back at it with some more adhesive tips and tricks for you lash lovers!

 Do you find your adhesive constantly gets stuck to the lid? You're constantly having to pock a hole in your nozzle? Or even cut or replace your nozzle? It's time to put an end to that! Here is our adhesive cleaning routine that ensures we get the longest life out of our glue as possible! 

The materials we recommend having as part of your adhesive care are:

• Lint Free Brushes

• Bounty / Adhesive Wipes

Easy as that!

At the beginning of your appointment we always recommend to shake your adhesive so all the contents are evenly mixed together. To keep your adhesive clean and unclogged we suggest taking off the cap and placing either a piece of paper towel or an adhesive wipe on top of the nozzle.While holding the wipe on the tip shake your adhesive. Doing this will keep any excess adhesive away from the inside of the cap and prevent any sticking that may occur. To be extra cautious while still covering the nozzle squeeze your adhesive bottle a couple of time to get out any left over adhesive that may be stuck or cause further damage to the bottle. Finish it off by wiping the inside of your cap with a lint free brush. There you have it! A sure fire way to clean your adhesive and prevent any sticking or clogging!




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