Spike up your lashes!

With the lash industry rapidly expanding each day, new styles are constantly emerging. However, there are a few classic styles that will always be fan favourites. One of those being the "Spiked Look".
The great thing about so many people joining the industry is that we are all constantly learning new ways to achieve these desired lash looks. 
Today we're going to share our favourite way to get the spiky lashes of your dreams. 
The lashes you will need are:
We like to start out by shampooing our clients' lashes with our Lash Shampoo and Facial Cleanser and Shampoo Brush.
After making sure the lashes are squeaky clean then we Prime using some clean lint-free brushes. 
The next step is to apply your Gel Pads of your choice under the eyes, then you are ready to begin!
We recommend starting off your set by doing half of a set of 3 - 4D Russian Volume. This will create the fluffiness and fullness that clients desire in a healthy and non-damaging way. hen doing your half set, it is best to do an evenly distributed half set. This will allow you to evenly create your spikes and add them where you want to.
Now we always recommend going no more than 2mm longer than your clients' natural lashes.
However, for this next part, his is our only exception to the rule...
To create your spiked effect you are going to use your Cashmere .15 lashes. 
Since these are flat .15 lash they are actually the weight of a .10, this will allow you to use a longer length of lash without causing damage to the natural lash. Using a cashmere lash that is longer than your longest volume lash used you're going to go through your set and add in your cashmere lashes. In this case, we suggest going 2mm longer than your longest volume lash - but you can really use whichever length gives you the effect you're desiring.  
Once finished your set, go through your fresh lashes with a nanomister and mascara wand to cure and ensure everything has fully adhered. Then be sure to take photos and tag us @shoplashesbydesign so we can see your spiky sets! 
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