How + When to 》 Raise your Prices

So you've started your lash business and it's going great! Now it's time to up your pricing from either free or your starting lash prices. 

This can be a daunting task for some lashers who may worry that they will lose customers once changing their prices. It is something all lash artists will go through, as most people offer their services for discounted pricing when they first start out. We have learned a few tricks that will help make this transition go as smooth as possible and to keep all your customers happy.

#1 Blame us (aka your suppliers)

If your supplier raises their pricing you can raise your pricing as you need to cover the cost of your supplies. Supplies are not free and your pricing needs to also cover the cost of them.

#2 》 Know your worth 

If you've been practicing night and day and furthering your education to add to your services, you most definitely should be upping your prices. It's pricey to add to your skillset, but you are bettering yourself to offer better services for your clients. We always recommend having your certifications and diplomas hanging somewhere where your customers can see them. This allows them to recognize when you have learned something new. As well, courses in this industry can be pricey and upping your prices once adding new services show that you are not just pocketing all of the profit but putting some back into your business. Customers can definitely understand that. 


#3  Remain Competitive

If other lash artists in your area charge $100 per new Classic set, charging $200 or $30 would not make much sense. Be sure to do some research on common pricing in that area. 

#4 Give them a heads up + create some new discounts

If you have been thinking of upping your prices be sure to give your clients a few weeks heads up. This way they will be fully aware and if they have any questions they can ask you ahead of time. Another great idea is to offer some extra discounts to give out once you have upped your prices. Loyalty and Refer-a-friend programs are great in these situations. This way you can still grow your client base while charging more than before. 

#5 》 Pre-Booked

An unwritten rule is to ensure you are at least 60% booked the majority of the time before upping your pricing. Also, always encourage your clients to pre-book their appointments with you. This way you can forecast how many returning customers you will have. 

#6 Don't Apologize

Lastly, there is no need to apologize to inquiring customers as to why you are charging more. Simply just explain to them the different factors that encouraged you to up them. Most customers will be happy for your growth as a lasher and are more than willing to pay the higher pricing in exchange your great quality lashing. 


We hope this has helped! If you ever have any questions regarding anything within the lash industry we are always happy to help! 



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