Volume Glue Ring volume-glue-ring Teal (100/bag)
Volume Glue Ring volume-glue-ring Pink (100/bag)
Volume Glue Ring volume-glue-ring Pink (100/bag),Teal (100/bag)
Volume Glue Ring volume-glue-ring Pink (100/bag),Teal (100/bag)
Volume Glue Ring volume-glue-ring Pink (100/bag),Teal (100/bag)

Volume Glue Ring

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We LOVE making our own volume fans from lashes as thin as .03 mm! How do people do it? Easy Fans don't require training and can help you self-learn the proper techniques. Silk Volume lashes are what the professionals choose because the lashes will wrap around the natural lash and thus increase retention.  

Using this simple glue ring, you will have more control over keeping the base together and making that perfect, thin base volume fan. 

How to use:

1) Choose where you want to place the ring: either on your finger or use a sticky dot to affix it to a hard surface

2) Use 2-3 drops of adhesive into one side of the ring

3) Make your best volume fan with your favourite method

4) Dip the base into a tiny amount of adhesive

5) Drag the base through the cutouts on the ring to perfect the base. Use micromovements to reduce the grip of the tweezers to help fluff out that fan!

6) Apply onto one natural lash at a time

Why choose us?

Trust in the Professionals

Whether you are new to lashing or have been lashing for 10 years, you are sure to find top quality lashes and adhesives to suit your needs. Since 2013 our customers have won awards and created their own lashing boutiques. No Gimmicks. No filters or airbrushed models. Just great products and customer service!



Great customer service, excellent products, ships very quickly.

Kara Strautman
Verified Buyer

Lashes by Design has Amazing customer service! They have wonderful products and always send a sample product with orders which I appreciate! I love that they are located in Canada and ship fast!

Kyla Elechi
Verified Buyer

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