Undereye Foam Tape

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Width: 1" Wide
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We are happy to announce that we now have Undereye Foam Tape. The stretchy foam tape comes in 1" wide, 4 M long, or 2" wide, 5 M long.

Use this tape in place of a gel pad or add it on top of a gel pad to help reduce the gap between the upper and lower eyelid.

Many lashers recut several pieces of foam to have them ready for your lash clients.


  • Latex-free
  • Thicker than Gel Pads so helps keep eyes completely closed during service
  • Enough tape for 100 Clients
  • Gentle removal so great for sensitive skin
  • Medical Grade
  • Stretchy so can easily expand to cover hard to reach inner eyes
  • Easily writeable surface for creating lash maps


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