Lash Angel 45 Degree



The Professional AD Series is for the tweezer connaisseurs who like precision-crafted instruments made from high-quality stainless steel.

Each tweezer comes in its own box that you can use for storage to protect the tweezers from damage.

Why do we LOVE the Angel Tweezer? With its 45 Degree long base, it is the ideal tweezer for creating fans and for classic pick-up. You could even use it as an isolation tweezer in a pickle!

  • Perfect tweezer for lash isolation, classic lash pick up, volume pinching technique, making fans on a strip and so on. 
  • Black Platinum Coating will not tarnish in CS 20 although we recommend removing them after the suggested time.
  • Amazing firm grip
  • Made from premium quality stainless steel
  • Absolute must-have tweezer
  • All our tweezers are hand tested before they leave to ensure they have a perfect grip
  • 14 cm length
  • Tip very sharp

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