How to Become a New Lash Artist


There are so many benefits to becoming a certified lash technician. You get to work in an industry that makes people feel amazing, you have the power to start your own business and work for yourself, and you will have skills that are in high demand right now!

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a new lash artist, but you aren’t sure where to start – don’t worry. We’re going to lay it all out for you here and now.

 Step 1: Get Your Training

In order to become a new lash artist, you have to become a certified lash technician. This is the process where you’ll learn about the different types of lash applications and how to do them safely. Once you complete your training, you can get started taking clients right away.

Lash certification classes range in price, depending on where you live and where you get certified. They can cost as little as $300 or as much as $2,000+! The price will also depend on what’s included in your training – the kit, the duration of the course, who is teaching it, and the different techniques that you’ll learn. There are many inexperienced lashers teaching so be careful not to scrimp too much.  Lashes By Design offers beginner lash training, mentorship, refresher courses, and Lash Educator Certification.


Step 2: Check What is Required by Your Location

Canada does not have any restrictions yet, but some US States will require that you have an aesthetician’s license before you become a certified lash technician. Make sure you know what’s required of you before you sign up for a lash technician certification course. The local health department regulations also differ vastly between cities, even Toronto vs Durham has different rules. Always check there first!

Step 3: Choose a Lash Certification Course

In Canada there is no regulation on what is being taught and how.  Just because someone can do lashes doesn't mean they are necessarily qualified to educate others. Buyer beware.


In Person or Online: During Covid, many lash companies tried to offer online courses, and even inexperienced lash artists also tried to cash in with online courses. At our friendly retail store, we spent many hours "retraining" these students who didn't understand the basics. As a result, we do not recommend online only courses. We now offer lash training mentorship to enhance your Practical Knowledge and Techniques.

In Person - no live model: Some schools do not provide a model for each student, so the learning experience is diminished and often leads students to not feel confident to practice on their own.

In Person - This will be most student's first choice. Not only will they apply a full set, on their own, they will learn from their classmates during class and often stay in touch with their classmates. It can feel very encouraging and will leave students feeling very confident to start practicing. 

This is where you can really customize your experience. There are many different kinds of lash artists out there. Some specialize in dramatic lashes that are long and full while others specialize in lashes that look incredibly natural. Others, still, become experts in all types of lash applications!

Classic and Volume training

Do not bother taking a course that does not teach Volume fan application at the same time.  While classic courses may be less expensive as a standalone course, you will not learn how to offer hybrid or volume sets.

Step 4: Create Your Toolkit

You’ll graduate “Lash School” with all of the basic tools, but you’ll want to upgrade and replace some when you get your certification. New, high-quality lash tools will help you establish yourself as a professional in the industry.

 Here is a list of new lash artist essentials:

  • Lash tweezers
  • High-quality lashes
  • Eyelash extension tape
  • Spoolies (lash brushes)
  • Primer
  • Microbrushes
  • Eyelash adhesive
  • Eyelash adhesive remover
  • Undereye pads


Final Thoughts

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about becoming a new lash artist! The eyelash lift and extension industry isn’t going anywhere. Now is the perfect time to start your career as a certified lash technician!

Be sure to check out our online lash shop for all of your new lash artist essentials, and more!