Now Carrying Massage Tables, Stools, Ring Lights and more!

We are finally bringing our favourite salon equipment to our online store! We have been using these beds and stools for years and they just don't quit! I remember the first table I bought on Kijiji that broke... while a client was sitting on it! I vowed never again to get cheap furniture!  We had a good laugh and no one was injured, but I had to cancel the rest of my clients that day!

Massage Tables

We have added both wooden and aluminum massage tables that are lightweight and durable. If I had to choose... I would personally pick aluminum because I find it lasts longer and its easier to adjust the height.

Get the thickest foam you can afford. 2" is not enough and your clients will complain. 3" is decent, but I highly recommend splurging for the 4" since you are going to have this table for the long run!

All the massage tables easily accommodate legs under them, although I teach my students to try to stretch their legs to get even closer. 

Hydraulic Stools

The number one complaint we get in-store from our customers is that their backs hurt from lashing. Having the right posture is imperative and the right stool will help you. We have saddle stools or traditional stools. Make sure that you always readjust the height for each client so that you aren't leaning over them and straining your back.

Ring Lights

Grab one of these while you can! They have been flying off the shelf ever since COVID trapped everyone at home. There are different diameters (width) and the smaller you get the cheaper it will be ... literally. We have had lots of clients complain about cheap ring lights they got off Amazon only to find that it was too small. Our ring lights are 18" which is perfect for lashing. Don't cheap out on lights because it has a direct impact on the quality of lashing you can do.

Magnifying lights

These magnificent lights will magnify 5x - that's a lot! There will not be a lash that you can't see with 5 times magnification! You can use it stand-alone or you can get the one that clamps on. The choice is yours but you can't lash what you can't see!


We finally have trolleys! Keep your products handy with our selection of quality trolleys. These are all non-porous and can easily be disinfected. We recommend that you store only what you will need for each client and then disinfect the trolley in between clients.

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