Tweezer Storage

Tweezers are a Lash Artists main instrument. However, they are also the most fragile.... one slip and they are donezo. 

We understand how heartbreaking it is to watch those shiny babies hit the floor and break, so we've come up with some cute options to help keep this from happening!

This 6 tweezer holder is a perfect way to keep your tweezers readily available nearby. It is the perfect piece to keep on your station to hold all your favourites. You can store them in two different ways; tip upward or tip downward. The tip down options also prevents the tips from resting on the base and getting damaged! 

For the travelling Lash Artist. If you are constantly on the move this cute case is the best way to safely transport your tweezers with no damage. With a magnetic insert, your tweezers stay in place the whole time they are in there