Want your lashes to last longer?

Everyone loves having a fresh full set of lashes, but unfortunately, not everyone gets to enjoy that feeling for the maximum amount of time. Proper aftercare is key for longer lasting lashes. 

Today we want to share our top after-care tips so you can have full lashes for longer. 

1. Clean lashes are happy lashes • Many lash lovers seem to believe that not touching their lashes is the best way to maximize their longevity... FALSE. Lashes last much longer when they are clean. We always recommend using a lash cleanser once a day on your extensions. This will clean off any loose straggly lashes, dirt, oil or dry skin that could potentially cause your lashes to come off or worse give your eyes an infection. (blepharitis) 

2. Oil-Free Zone • Avoiding eye makeup is your best option when it comes to beauty products and your extensions. Mascara and eyeliner typically contain oil and can cause the lash adhesive to break down much quicker than it normally would - plus cleaning it off/out of your lashes is quite the task as well. This goes for skincare and face makeup as well, oil-free is always your best option. 

3. Brush it out • You know how your lash artist typically gives you a mascara wand at the end of your appointment? Well, this little guy is your lashes extensions new BFF for their time on your eyelids. Combing out your lashes keeps them from twisting and pulling causing you discomfort and them to fall out. 

4. Strength & Conditioning • An extra step you could add to your lash routine to keep them fuller longer would be to add a lash serum. (oil-free of course!) Serums help to condition your lashes and keep your naturals strong and healthy, which in turn help them to support your extensions for longer. It also ensures no damage to your real lashes. 

5. Keep your hands to yourself • Yes we did recommend daily cleansing and combing of your lashes, however, we also suggest touching them as little as possible when not doing those two things. The reason being, your skin creates oil which will then be transferred to your lashes the more you touch them. (And we have learned that oil = early lash fallout) also picking at your lashes will most definitely cause damage to your naturals as picking at them will typically break your real lashes. 

We hope this has helped extend the life of your extensions and keep all you lash lovers happy!