Embracing Positivity: The Key to Happiness and Success in the Lash and Salon Industry


In the dynamic world of lash artistry and salon management, the power of positivity can't be overstated. A positive mindset not only enhances personal happiness but also attracts similar energy in the workplace. This blog explores how maintaining a positive outlook is essential for creating a harmonious and successful work environment in the beauty industry.

As the Founder of Lashes by Design, I have had many managers, lash artists, and trainers. As the owner, managing through the emotions of every staff and manager can be overwhelming and draining. In the past few years, I can say the best way to handle negativity in the workplace is with positivity.  If folks like stirring the pot, recognize that for what it is. Stay positive and classy. This sounds simple, but here are some tips that I found healthy.

Get rid of that 1950's Shit

Recognize that gossip comes from judgements and poor communication. Gossip may be driven by personal insecurities and the need to feel superior to others. People sometimes engage in gossip to boost their own self-esteem by comparing themselves favorably to those being gossiped about. Taylor Swift, and many other celebrities, have dealt with constant judgement, gossip, and even called a slut. By staying positive, she was able to regain her popularity and sell out stadiums in record numbers. 

The Power of Positivity

Positivity is contagious. When you adopt a positive attitude, it reflects in your interactions with colleagues, clients, and even in the way you handle daily challenges. This positive energy radiates, influencing the workplace ambiance and encouraging others to mirror this optimism. 

Cultivating a Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment fosters creativity, collaboration, and growth. As lash artists and salon owners, promoting an atmosphere of encouragement and support not only boosts morale but also drives productivity and innovation. A happy team is more engaged and committed, which directly impacts the quality of service and client satisfaction. 

Attracting Positivity with Positive Thoughts

The law of attraction suggests that positive thoughts bring positive experiences. By focusing on the good, acknowledging successes, and learning from setbacks, you create an environment where positivity flourishes. This mindset can be particularly empowering in an industry as personal and client-focused as beauty and lash artistry. 

Handling Challenges with a Positive Outlook

When guiding new lash artists, it's important to set clear expectations from the start, such as the goal to apply 80 lashes per eye within a two-hour timeframe. This sets a benchmark for their progress. Providing them with the necessary tools and methods, like counting beads or timing their practice sessions, helps tailor the learning experience to each individual's needs. Not every method suits every learner, but the objective is to guide them towards successful techniques that work for them.

During the training, focus on what the new lash artists are doing correctly, reinforcing their strengths to keep them encouraged and positive. Each practice session offers an opportunity for them to count the lashes they've applied, providing continuous feedback and a visible measure of their improvement. This approach not only helps them see how close they are getting to the standard but also allows for moments of celebration, which are essential for maintaining morale.

In this learning journey, it's important to avoid negativity or blame. Instead, constructive solutions should be sought, viewing each challenge as an opportunity for growth and improvement. This mindset not only helps in effectively resolving issues but also in maintaining a harmonious and supportive workplace. Such an environment not only fosters skill development but also builds confidence and a positive work culture.

The Role of Positive Communication

How we communicate is a reflection of our mindset. Engaging in positive, respectful, and uplifting conversations builds a strong, supportive community. Avoid negative labeling or gossip, and instead, focus on encouraging and constructive language.

Building Client Trust through Positivity

Clients are drawn to positive environments. A salon that exudes a warm, welcoming, and positive vibe is more likely to attract and retain clients. Your positivity can make clients feel valued and comfortable, encouraging repeat business and referrals. What if that is not the case? After being in the lash industry for over 10 years, I have come across countless stories of lashers who would sometimes gossip while lashing clients. Imagine the impact this could have on the client's experience and satisfaction.

Personal Growth and Positivity

Embracing positivity is not just beneficial for your business; it's also crucial for personal well-being. A positive attitude enhances your mental and emotional health, fuels your passion, and keeps you motivated, both personally and professionally. Think of a ball of yarn unravelling in your brain versus staying in the present and living a life of mindfulness.  Challenge those negative thoughts and ask for the nugget of truth of both sides of the argument to help understand all sides of an argument.


In the lash and salon industry, positivity is more than just a mindset; it's a key ingredient for happiness and success. By fostering a positive work environment, adopting a positive approach to challenges, and engaging in positive communication, we can create a thriving, happy, and successful beauty community.

Call to Action

Let's spread positivity! Share your experiences and tips on how maintaining a positive outlook has impacted your salon or lash business. Your stories can inspire others and help cultivate a more positive and successful industry for us all!