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Trainer Kit for Classic or Volume Lash Extensions starter-kit-classic-or-volume Must have 2+ Years Lashing Experience
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Introducing our Beginner Lash Training Kit – the ultimate set designed for aspiring lash artists ready to embark on their journey into the world of lash extensions. This comprehensive kit is curated to provide you with everything you need to master the art of lash application and create stunning, long-lasting lash looks.

  1. Classic Lash Extensions (0.15 thickness):

    • Classic Lash .15 / .15 / C / 7-14
    • Classic Lash .15 / .15 / CC / 7-14
  2. Flat Lash Extensions (0.15 thickness):

    • Flat Lash .15 / .15 / CC / 7-14
    • Flat Lash .15 / .15 / D / 7-14
  3. Lash Care Essentials:

    • Foaming Lash Bath and Shampoo with LBD Label
    • Gel Remover for gentle and effective lash extension removal
  4. Application Tools:

    • Bamboo Lint Free Brush (50/bag) 
    • Bamboo Mascara Wands (50) 
    • Tape with Extra Adhesion 
    • Gel Eye Pads Round (50) 
    • Curved Isolation Tweezer
    • Premium Silver Crane Tweezer
    • Glass Tile for lashes 
  5. Adhesives and Primers:

    • Adhesive with Extra Hold for Beginners (1-30 Days Old)
    • Primer with Glue Aid for optimal lash extension adhesion

Perfect for beginners, our adhesive is formulated for long-lasting results while ensuring a comfortable experience for your clients. The primer with glue aid enhances bond retention for impeccable lash applications.

Invest in your lash artistry journey with our all-inclusive Beginner Lash Training Kit. Elevate your skills, create stunning lash looks, and make a lasting impression on your clients. Welcome to the world of lash excellence!