Squeeze Wash Bottle

Color: Clear
Sale price$9.99

Everyone knows that the best retention for eyelash extensions comes when you have absolutely squeaky clean lashes!  Remove oils and mascara build-up with Lash shampoo instead of make-up remover for the Cleanest Lashes.


1. Prepare your clients lashes by shampooing them Lashes By Design Lash Shampoo and shampoo brush

2. Tilt your client’s head to one side

3. Place disposable paper towels under their eye to catch the drips and squeeze a generous amount of water to rinse off the shampoo until there are no bubbles

4. Rinse again if you see any shampoo bubbles remaining

5. Pat dry with disposable paper towels

Pro Tip: Use warm water if possible for the comfort of your client.  



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