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Silicone Pad Teal silicone-pad-for-lash-lifts-turquoise Mix S M M1 M2 L
Silicone Pad Teal silicone-pad-for-lash-lifts-turquoise Small,Medium,Mix S M M1 M2 L
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Mix S M M1 M2 L
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Staff Favorite!

These turquoise lash lift pads are softer and very easy to apply precisely to get the perfect curl. The super soft and flexible silicone stays down and hugs the curves of the eyelid better than other lift pads.

The combination pack that includes the perfect curl for every client and 3 varieties of Medium to suit every length of lash and style.

Small: produces the biggest curl

Medium:  Ideal for longer lashes so they don't curl too much

Mix has 5 sizes: Small, Medium, Medium 1, Medium 2, and Large