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Heart Glue Ring
Heart Glue Ring
Heart Glue Ring
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Elevate your lash extension game with our Heart-Shaped Glue Rings, tailored for the dynamic needs of both volume and classic lash extensions. This dual-purpose glue holder not only enhances your application process but also ensures optimal lash fan quality.

The smartly designed adhesive ring aims to drastically cut down your application time. Its v-shape design is meticulously created to remove any excess adhesive effortlessly, keeping the base of your lash fans slender and neat for a seamless finish.

What sets these rings apart is the specially engineered inner ring. This feature is the unsung hero that helps prevent any adhesive spills, allowing you to maintain a tidy and efficient work environment. It means you can dedicate your full attention to delivering exquisite lash extensions without the worry of messy cleanups.

These Heart-Shaped Glue Rings are essential for lash technicians who prioritize efficiency and meticulousness. They're more than just a tool – they're a strategic addition to your professional lash extension kit.

Key Features:

  • Dual-purpose design for volume and classic lash applications
  • V-shape to control adhesive amount and retain fan base integrity
  • Inner ring design to prevent adhesive spillage
  • Promotes quick and accurate lash application
  • A staple for professional lash artists focused on detail and efficiency

Invest in our Heart-Shaped Glue Rings and transform the way you apply lash extensions. Add this essential item to your lash supplies today and deliver flawless results with confidence and ease!