Glueless Lash Lift Pads - new

SKU: 805046002174

Color: Pink

Glueless Lash Lift pads are the latest Innovation in Lash Lifts. The flexible pads are made of inorganic silica gel which is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The result is a silicone product that is softer, more moldable, and more Flexible. This supple silicone is ultra-soft, comfortable, and form-fitting for so many clients' eye shapes. They truly assist with the rod placement during the lifting service and what’s more, the new silicone nature now means there is NO need to use adhesive on the back of the rod to hold the rod into place offering less sensitivity for your clients!

  • Combo Pack - 4 Sizes, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large

  • Available in Pink or Teal

  • Sanitizable & reusable up to 20 times


Apply the flexible rod to the closed eye, as close as possible to the lash line (no adhesive required)

Used our Lash Lift Balm to lift and secure the lashes on the pad.

Apply an extra layer of Balm to the tips to help keep them protected from over-processing and secure in place.


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