Meet The Team

At Lashes By Design, we specialize in the delicate art of eyelash and eyebrow treatments. We have a full Training Academy that offers many courses, from lash extensions to microblading. All of our products are rigorously tested by our expert team to ensure that we carry the latest and innovative products for your business.

We have a retail location and 24-hour online purchasing store.  All the products are the same price either online or instore.  We also offer a fantastic loyalty and referral points program that you can apply anytime to get a discount on your order.

Our wholesale operation is built around better serving our burgeoning client base with the industry’s most in-demand supplies and tools. From home-based services to flourishing boutique operations and spas, professionals count on our expertise and product know-how to provide the best in the business.

Ready to take a closer look at how LBD could be your perfect solution? We invite you to see how we look at the world of eyelash and eyebrow treatments differently than others. We’d like to share our vision with you. Welcome!