How to Become an Eyelash Technician in Canada

Becoming an Eyelash Technician can be an exciting and rewarding career choice. Let’s dive into the steps you need to take to become a lash tech in Canada:

  1. Training and Qualifications:

    • To become an Eyelash Technician, it’s crucial to attend a recognized training course that qualifies you to perform lash treatments.
    • The Lash Mentors offers fully accredited courses covering Classic Individual, Volume, and Express lashes. These courses provide essential training and allow you to gain the necessary insurance.
    • Insurance options are available through various insurance brokers. Ask specifically for esthetician coverage.
  2. Practice and Qualifications:

    • Training is the foundation of your career. Ensure you obtain the correct qualifications and practice extensively before working with clients.
    • The Lash Mentors expert trainers guide you through the process, ensuring you feel confident in lashing
    • Remember to practice, practice, practice before using professional products and tools around a client’s eyes.
  3. Types of Lash Extensions:

    • Lash extensions come in different styles, including Classic, Volume, and Express lashes.
    • Classic Lashes: These are individual lash extensions applied to each natural lash. The treatment price can range from $100 to $125, depending on the location and experience
    • Volume Lashes: These involve multiple ultra-fine extensions applied to a single natural lash. Prices typically range from $120 to $250, depending on your experience and location
    • Express Lashes: Volume lashes that are promade and ready to go. Time is significantly reduced and you can charge similar to Volume Lashes
  4. Get Qualified:

    • Whether you work in a salon or plan to work from home, gaining relevant lash qualifications is essential.
    • Look for courses taught by experts in the industry
    • Avoid 1 day courses since there will be too much information to process. 2 Day courses are typically better because you will have more practice time and lots of time to ask questions
    • Don't worry about paying for a quality course - it will save you from forming bad habits that need to be undone 
  5. Instagram Marketing:

    • As a lash tech, Instagram is a powerful platform for promoting your business.
    • Focus on visuals: Clear, high-quality photos are essential. Use a ring light for perfect lighting.
    • Consistency matters: Find your signature style, whether it’s photography, brand colors, or themes.
    • Post strategically: Use Instagram insights to determine when your audience is online.
    • Make it clear you’re in business: Create a separate Professional Instagram account for lashing, accept bookings via DM, and add location tags to increase reach.
    • TikTok and Instagram reels are highly effective to gain new clients

To learn more about The Lash Mentors Training, visit our 2 Day Course here:

The Lash Mentors Training Program

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