Lash Questions Answered

We love new lashers! It reminds us of when we first started and thought that learning everything about lashes was going to take FOREVER! Lashing is definitely an art and doing a little extra research will help your new business stand apart. We have compiled a group of topics that lashers ask us when they come into our store today. 

This series is ideal for anyone who needs a refresher on some topic or perhaps took an online course and didn't catch some of the finer points to lashing. 

At Lashes By Design Supply Shop, we hear ALL the real life struggles of lash artists, from beginners to trainers. We love helping other lashers grow and be successful. 

About the Author

Sandra first started getting lashes over 10 years ago and became instantly hooked. After a couple of years she decided to learn how to lash, and within 6 months quit her full time job to lash instead. She not only educated herself on different techniques and materials, she also took 5 more advanced lashing courses to perfect her classic, volume and mega volume techniques. She became an official trainer and distributor and moved out of her front living room into a beautiful Downtown Whitby shop. Within one year, she own product line after working with manufacturers to get the exact products that she wanted. With an eye on product quality, Sandra is always looking for better products to give lashers the tools they need to do their best possible work. 

Sandra Welch

Founder and President LBD Boutique Inc.

Master Lasher, Trainer and Business Owner