So your clients don't wash their lashes....

We've all had those clients who like to tell you that they don't need to wash their lashes or that they do wash their lashes and then once you look at their extensions it is clearly another story... 

Sadly there are many lash clients out there who for some reason believe that if they wash their lashes they will lose all of them? Thankfully this is just not the case, rather the opposite effect will happen! 

We're here to help you help your clients keep those extensions squeaky clean! 

Here are the best lash cleansing tips & tricks to keep your client's lashes clean;

Have a lash cleanser available for purchase.

 This is an awesome way to introduce your clients to cleaning their extensions. You can even offer to show them how to use it at the beginning of their appointment. This ensures that they have no excuses like "well I don't have a lash shampoo...". 


Offer bundle options