Creating Instagram Content as a Lash Tech: A Guide

In our last Lashes By Design blog post we discussed key tips for social media marketing as a whole, but now we’ll talk specifically about advertising your lashing business with Instagram.

What works:

  • Focus on visuals. Instagram is very aesthetic-oriented, so having pretty imagery is key for you to float to the top! When taking photos of your work, or anything in general, make sure your photo is clear and your lighting is good. Using a ring light when taking photos of a finished set is an easy way to get perfect lighting, every time.

  • Make sure your content is consistent. Find your signature! Whether it’s your style of photography, brand colours, themes (Like glitter, or hearts), incorporating that signature image to your lashing studio, photos, and posts will make you stand out.

  • Don’t just photo dump- post the right way, at the right time! Instagram insights can help you figure out when your audience is online. Plan out your content and post at these times.

  • Make it clear you’re in business! Create a separate Instagram account if necessary just for lashing, and keep content to lashing only. I also encourage you to accept bookings via DM if you’re a new lasher, and make that clear in your bio. Also, make it clear where you work from! Adding a location tag to your posts is a great way to increase reach to new, potential customers.
    Which brings us to our next point..

  • Focus on your reach. Instagram Reels are a great way to get views! Combine that with good visuals, location tags, hash tagging, trending sounds, and you’re sure to see your follower count increase.

  • Okay, that might be a lot to think about. Simply put, whenever I post, I consider these things:

    • Is it a clear, good quality photo/video?
    • Planned time to post when audience is online.
    • The post has a geolocation tag + hashtags.
    • If posting a Reel, I make sure I use trending sounds.
    • After posting, share to your Instagram story, too.

    Having a clean, professional Instagram profile is a great way to increase your reach and image as a lash technician, no matter where you practice!