Silk Volume Lash .03

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Thickness: .03
Curl: C
Length: 9
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Love MEGA Volume? This is the perfect lash. You can add 10-15 lashes safely for that gorgeous mega volume effect. Try adding in some closed fans for a spike strip lash look.

Award-winning volume lashes - look no further for your favourite volume lashes. These lashes are 100% Handmade and you will see the difference in quality!  The lashes are packed on the strip very tightly, so this is the easiest lash to use for making nice volume fans. The fans will wrap around the base of the natural lash and therefore increase retention significantly.

Silk Lashes are made from the highest quality synthetic fibres that keep their curl and darkness even after 6 weeks. The result is a very dark and beautiful finish.  


  • Silk lashes are 2/3 tapered to the tip to create a dark dramatic look
  • Easy to wrap around the base of the lash for long-lasting retention
  • Easy to fan since they are hand made and packed close together
  • cruelty-free and vegan friendly

25% BONUS ROWS on each tray


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