Pre-Made Fan Volume


We fell in LOVE with these heat bonded premade fans. The point is so perfect that you won't even be able to tell its a premade! They have quickly become a favourite amongst our customers!

Offer your clients quick and easy volume sets or hybrid sets.

6D Volume Fans are hand made volume fans that are heat bonded.  This means that there is no additional weight on the client's lashes.

These volume fans are now easier to remove from the strip than ever before.  The strips are made from metallic tape instead of just paper so they are easier to peel off. 


  • 160 fans per tray
  • Heat Bonded Fans
  • Easy Peel-Off Sticker Strips
  • 6D Volume

If you are looking for a starting pack, we recommend taking 4 sizes. This will be enough to do about  4-5 full sets.


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