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Rechargable Lash Fan with Base
Rechargable Lash Fan with Base
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Portable High-Speed Fan for Lashing Professionals

Elevate your lashing game with this high-speed, portable fan designed specifically for lashing experts. Conveniently uses USB to charge. 

Key Features:

  1. High-Speed Airflow: Ideal for quickly drying lash adhesives, reducing wait time and increasing your session efficiency.

  2. Rechargeable Convenience: USB Cable included

  3. Lightweight and Portable: Its compact design makes it easy to carry, perfect for professionals on the move or those with limited workspace.

  4. Adjustable Speeds: Tailor the airflow to your needs with multiple speed settings, ensuring the perfect balance for each individual session.

  5. Whisper-Quiet Operation: The fan operates silently, maintaining a serene environment for your clients.

  6. Durable and Safe: Designed for daily professional use, this fan is not only durable but also safe to use near sensitive areas like the eyes, thanks to its bladeless design.

  7. Ergonomic and Easy to Use: Its user-friendly interface allows for simple operation, letting you focus more on your craft and less on equipment management.

  8. Stylish Design: A sleek, modern look not only fits well in a professional setting but also showcases your commitment to quality.

This portable fan is more than just an accessory; it’s an essential tool for enhancing the quality and efficiency of your lashing services. Experience faster drying times and a more comfortable environment for your clients with this versatile, high-speed fan.

How to Use:
Short press the power button to turn the power on off, 3 speed adjustment of wind power.