Rroir Lash Sealer

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Rroir Clear Coating forms a thin barrier to protect against oils and makeup that break down the adhesive. This product not only gives the extensions a maximum bond but also gives them a beautiful and glossy coating.
For best results, use this sealant daily to extend the life of your lash extensions.

Please Note: Not for use on Volume lash extensions as it will close the fans. We recommend this product for Classic and Elipse Lashes Only.


  • Will prolong the life of eyelash extensions
  • Give your lashes an attractive glaze, they will look fresh and shiny
  • Perfect to be used in conjunction with any mascara.
Ingredients:  Nettle extract: Contains vitamin A & C, and mineral to nourish dry damaged eyelashes and make eyelashes shine and strong. Witch Hazel extract: Sterilizing, antiseptic, and hydrating effect. Panthenol: Natural fat-soluble extract contains vitamin B5 with a rich moisturizing and antiseptic effect. Hydrolyzed Collagen: Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle effect. Tightens skin and increases resilience. Betaine: All-natural moisturizing solution extracted from sugar beetroot prevents dehydration, and adds sheen and volume to eyelashes

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