Lash Bloom™ Conditioner and Enhancer Serum - WHOLESALE

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Everyone wants long and beautiful lashes, the epitome of glamour and chicness. With our lash and brow conditioner serum, your lashes will look and feel like you’ve always wanted them to. By applying the Serum once or twice per day to the base of your eyelashes, your lashes will look years younger!

Safe to use with Eyelash Extensions

Results vary from client to client, but we love this product so much that it comes with a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Sodium Chloride, Benzalkonium Chloride, Citric Acid, Disodium Phosphate, Cellulose Gum, Hyaluronic Acid, Polypeptide.

Wholesale Kit:

Includes nine Lash Bloom, Display, and free shipping

only available to wholesale accounts who have submitted their business information. Contact us directly if you’d like to set up an account.

*Lash Bloom is a pending trademark of LBD Boutique Inc.

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