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Lash Tile and Glue Pallet
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Spend less time prepping and more time lashing with the innovative and efficient Acrylic Lash Tile with a  built in Jade Stone! This unique tool is perfect for any professional lash artist looking to streamline their process.

Made with a smooth, high-grade acrylic surface, you can easily pick and place your clients' lashes without any hassle. Plus, it won't dry out your glue like other tiles since it includes its own jade stone to help keep your adhesive fresher for longer. With this one convenient tool, you'll be able to work faster and create even more beautiful lash sets while delivering the perfect ultimate experience to your clients.

Forget about using multiple tiles or accessories when you're trying to give your clients fresh and flawless results; the Acrylic Lash Tile with a mini Jade Stone has everything that you need! Get ready to take your eyelash extension game up a notch.