Easy Fan Collection Mix Trays

Diameter: .03
Curl: C
Length: 8-14
Sale price$24.49

New Innovation - Easy Fan lashes with no sticky residue have arrived.  These fans simply fan themselves instantly when you take them off the strip.  After pulling a section of lashes off the strip, gently place back down on the strip and shimmy the base to make a beautiful, even volume fan with a sharp base.  

Premium Quality Fiber:

Lashes that we selected are the highest quality fiber so far.  Hand made from Korean PBT fiber that is extremely soft and very dark. PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), is a synthetic semi-crystalline engineered thermoplastic. PBT creates natural looking lashes with a gorgeous soft and glossy sheen which doesn't lose its curl and is vegan/cruelty free since it is not from animals!


- No more sticky residue 100% so it is easier to fan the lashes as wide or as a wet look

- Foil Backing which makes cleanup a breeze

- Make your own professional quality fans

- works great with pinch or shimmy method

- no volume training required

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