Dolly Premium Lash Lift Kit - sodium bromide free

$160 $183

*professional use only product

The lotions come in individual sachets to prevent spoiling and are convenient, cost effective and sanitary with enough for 4 Lash Lifts per sachet. Making it excellent value for money.

Lash Lifts are a great additional service to offer as part of your lash services. Clients return every 4 to 6 weeks for a new treatment.

This kit will pay for itself after 2 treatments.

    Kit Content

    ✓  Comes with FIVE Lash Combs Brush
    ✓   Perm lotion x 15 sachets
    ✓   Setting lotion x 15 sachets
    ✓   Nourishing agent x 15 sachets
    ✓   Large Silicon pads x 10 pcs
    ✓   Medium Silicon pads x 10 pcs
    ✓   Small Silicon pads x 10 pcs
    ✓   Dolly’s lash glue x 1 pc 
    Sachets must be discarded after 24 hours once opened.

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