Biomaser Disposable Microblading Pen 10/box


Biomaser are experts in creating precision tools for microblading and permanent makeup.  This Disposable Microblading Pen is made of high quality 316 stainless steel and its’ diameter only 0.25mm! Handle and blades come together to avoid the need for an autoclave while complying with international cosmetology and medical requirements.


  • lightweight, solid and sturdy with an ergonomic grip. The flatness on both sides of the pen gives the right thumb and index finger of the operator a proper fulcrum.

  • the microblading needles are fixed on the pen to prevent the needles from moving and falling off during operation.

  •  Pre-sterilized with lot number and expiry date stamped on individual packaging keep your operation safer.

  •  Sharp and flat needles ensure clean lines and comfortable experience for clients

  •  Single-use

  • E.O Gas sterilized and sealed

  • Disposable blade, it's made of medical-grade stainless steel. 

  • Each pack with Expiry Date and Lot No. 

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