Curl Five™ Lash Lift Adhesive Regular - BACK IN STOCK MAY 1.

SKU: 805046000533


This is our staff pick for lash lift adhesive. It is very similar to the dolly lash lift adhesive.

  • Apply to base of the silicone pad
  • Attach silicone pad to the eyelid, close as possible to lash line
  • Apply a thin line across the base of the pad
  • Lift small batches of lashes and adhere to the silicone pad
  • Before the adhesive dries, use the lash lift comb or pick to arrange and evenly separate lashes

Adjust the texture of the adhesive as necessary:

  • If the adhesive is not sticky enough - let it get tacky for 30 seconds before applying lashes
  • If the adhesive is too sticky - use a wet brush to aid in spreading the adhesive

Ingredients: Agua, Polyvinyl Alchohol, Glycerin, Castor Oil

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